Company history

Mixer yesterday, today and tomorrow


Mixer Srl was founded in 1990 during the time of diffusion of American Bars in Italy and the demand for more refined, natural (frequently exotic and tropical) fruit-based beverages. Since its early days Mixer has always been an innovative producer of concentrated fruit purees bottled in “Speed Bottle” containers to facilitate the work of the bartender and later used also to market our line of coffee and Mixology syrups launched in 2014.


Moreno Salmi (at left) with the founding partners of Mixer


Still led today by Moreno Salmi, creator of the Mixer brand and founder of the company of the same name, we revolutionized the bar industry with the concept packaging “fruit in a bottle” containing concentrated fruit pulp made from 100% natural, non-pasteurized fruit purée, vacuum concentrated at low temperature to guarantee a high drink yield per bottle and profitable margins down the distribution chain. In addition to an innovative product concept Mixer has patented the container, the Speed Bottle with pourer, a professional and easy-to-use packaging that allows an exact dosing of the product and maintains its organoleptic properties over time. The mission to deliver authentic aromatic fruit puree remains a constant and helps barman the world over to work with out of season fruits with that same constant high standard whether it be in Rome, Jakarta, Cape Town, Dubai or Moscow.


The original design of the patented Speed Bottle


Today, Mixer carries on its innovative path through a constant research and development of the exotic flavours and variations which are the most requested on the market, each year new flavours are launched offering thus an unparalleled range. In addition, the company is continuously committed to adapting its production to the demand for increasingly natural ingredients. Today Mixer exports its products to 50 countries around the world, maintaining its position as a leading company in the “”Fruit purée and Bar mix”” category





Mixer: the mission

Mixer is the flagship brand in the market place for shelf stable fruit puree for beverages. Our mission is to remain a leading supplier of fruit puree, syrups, cocktail mixes and cordials for professional use in the preparation of a wide range of drink applications. We seek to identify and deliver great fruit-based drink solutions for cocktails lovers either by profession or passion!

We are committed to bring full flavour and scent of fruits freshly picked from a tree!



Mixer promotes responsible drinking which should be fruit based


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